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: The programming for my next IF game is pretty much done. All that remains before beta testing is for me to write a veritable encyclopedia of reference material for the game world. Bleah. Oh yeah, I also have to program all the interaction for all the NPCs. But they don't do a whole lot, so I'm not terribly unhappy about that task.

For Guess the Verb! I was fortunate enough to have Mike around to help me write all the descriptions and whatnot. But for this game I'm writing everything myself, and it's haaahd. Tedious, more like. Maybe it's because everything I write in this game has to be written in a particular style which is very different (though not as different as you might think) from my regular style.

Yes, I like teasing you by talking about my new game but not actually saying anything about it.

: Finally, more email from Andy. He's applying to graduate schools and whatnot. Andy is the ideal victim for my next plan but he might not have time for the irregular goings-on it entails.

: It's been a nightmare at work today. Our provider had an intermittent problem with one of their routers (or something) which led to hosts being accessible basically at random. I didn't get to commit any of the code I wrote today, and I didn't get to say something on here that I really wanted to say, which is...

Congratulations, Celeste!

She has officially passed all her classes and graduated! Yay!

: Today's quote: "I laugh in the face of hubris!". Kevin also had a great quote today but I don't remember it. Help me out, Kevin.

Kevin is the owner of the spiceweasels.com domain name, where you can see horrifying pictures of the Turducken. When I say "horrifying" I am not kidding. View at your own risk. In particular, view this picture at your own risk. That is of Kevin's friend Fred, who masterminded the Turducken.

Kevin is also the boss of lfino.com, which could be a weblog (which I could then link to on the navbar) if he tried a little harder.

: I finished Terror of Mechagodzilla this morning. It was pretty good, except they never got to the terror. It had the likable Andy Kaufman-like guy from Godzilla vs. Megalon in it. Katsuhiko Sasaki, that's the one.


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