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: Jake's latest album, Ordem e Progresso, is out. I still haven't gotten the CD, but you and me both can get the MP3s at Jake's MP3.com page. Also downloadable from there: Many MP3s from Jake's previous effort Robot Moped Dehumidifier. Ordem e Progresso contains something resembling a cover of my own Liquid Crystal. Also includes Pterodactyl Attack and Susanna's Webpage. If this trend continues, Jake's next album will have 5 tracks on it that are covers of my songs or otherwise related to me, and eight albums down the line I won't even have to do my own albums because Jake will do them for me.

Kris' album is also out, although a couple of the tracks are mysteriously missing from his MP3.com page. Oh, "four tracks unavaliable anywhere else" if you buy the CD. I see how it is. I see. Also not on the album (not on mp3.com either for copyright reasons (I don't see any copyright reasons, but Kris does)) is Kris' fab cover of Asia Carrera, which I plugged in this space a while ago and which I can now link to.

leonardr's picks: For Kris, Solid State, Shot Down Again, Border, No Alternative. For Jake, There's A Mirror On My Grave ("Your shoestring budget will be the death of you!" YES!!!), Hot Stuff, Susanna's Webpage, My Pal Foot Foot, and I Sing Because I Live With Satan. For the man who has everything, I recommend more of everything.


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