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: Aaaaaah! Godzilla 2000 is attacking the city!

I love that site because THEY PICK VITAL STATISTICS FOR GODZILLA AND STICK WITH THEM!!! Something that the Americans never figured out how to do.

Great blurbs from the producer and directors on that site as well, such as: "I want people to leave the theater totally mystified and overwhelmed by Godzilla's invincibility." But the very best thing is that it looks like this Godzilla story brings back the Gamera thing where Godzilla destroys everything but it's somehow okay and he's our friend. I can't get enough of that.

When can I see this movie, you ask? Not until summer, unless you live in Japan. (I got that from IMDB, it's not on the Godzilla site that I could see)

I gotta see what else is on this site.

: Actually, there's nothing else on the English site other than a list of the Godzilla movies.

: As long as I was at the IMDB, I checked something that had been in the back of my mind. In Unforgiven, the 1992 Clint Eastwood western, one of the characters is a fat sheriff's deputy with a horribly ugly beard, who gets shot in an outhouse near the end of the movie. In Laserblast, of MST3K fame, one of the characters is a fat sheriff's deputy with a horribly ugly beard, who... gets shot in an outhouse near the end of the movie. Now, Laserblast is a 1978 film, so it's obviously not the same actor. But I just wanted to make sure, because if it were, talk about typecasting!

Other things I learned from IMDB today: Laserblast had a 1985 sequel, Laserblast II, about which nothing is known other than who wrote it (some guy). It was remade in 1989 as Deadly Weapon. Apparantly, by the late 80s all the bad movie scripts had already been made into bad movies and it was neccessary to remake bad movies of the 70s. Also, Pod People was originally a Spanish (as in Spain) film.

: One more IMDB thing: Get to a movie's IMDB entry and change the number in the URL around to get movies at semi-random (it's ordered by year and then alphabetically).

: I just took a look at the Godzilla 2000 trailer. The movie looks really nice. What's even better is the fact that the people who made the trailer worked so hard to make it an intense and exciting movie trailer so that people in the theater would clap when Godzilla came on the screen, etc.; and then some jerk narrator comes on after the trailer and tries to sell you cheap plastic Godzilla toys, complete with a cheezy sound effect that mocks the trademark Godzilla roar (in the commercial soundtrack, I mean; I don't think the toys could actually make any sound more complicated than a squeak), and you can just hear the people who did the trailer start to cry. I don't know if that is standard procedure in Japan or what, but I thought it was funny because I didn't expect it at all, and isn't that what funny is? I'm outa here.


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