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: I just took a look at the Godzilla 2000 trailer. The movie looks really nice. What's even better is the fact that the people who made the trailer worked so hard to make it an intense and exciting movie trailer so that people in the theater would clap when Godzilla came on the screen, etc.; and then some jerk narrator comes on after the trailer and tries to sell you cheap plastic Godzilla toys, complete with a cheezy sound effect that mocks the trademark Godzilla roar (in the commercial soundtrack, I mean; I don't think the toys could actually make any sound more complicated than a squeak), and you can just hear the people who did the trailer start to cry. I don't know if that is standard procedure in Japan or what, but I thought it was funny because I didn't expect it at all, and isn't that what funny is? I'm outa here.


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