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: I like the phrase 'The thinking {man's, person's} x". It lets you say 'This is like x except it's good', kind of clearing the room of the foul presence of x by taking the moral high ground and acknowledging its similarilty to whatever you've got.

: Words to live by: (from this fab article):

As early as 2011, NASA hopes to launch what may be the most ambitious telescope ever conceived: the Terrestrial Planet Finder. Scientists hope it can be used to answer the question of whether life exists on planets beyond our solar system. "When you're asking the greatest question ever, you need a great telescope," says Charles Beichman, project scientist for the telescope.

This is my new "It's a beer." Whenever anyone attempts to prevent me from getting x, I will say "When you're asking the greatest question ever, you need x." It worked for this guy. Only he is asking the greatest question ever. But still. I'm too cool for silica clouds, baby.

: Even the Slashdot people love Brak!

: leonardr sez: check Susanna's homepage every day for Susannalicious goodness. Jake endorses it as well: "it's bad she altered her perfect little page, but other than that..."


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