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: My job offer letter was sent Fed Ex, so of course it wasn't delivered properly. They're sending it again regular mail, I think.

: Regardless of what you may have been led to believe, I'm not Chris Duarte.

: Those ancient snake species unfortunate enough to redevelop rudimentary hind limbs were often mocked by their peers.

: Who's marking up Mars? And why aren't they using Mars Markup Language?

: I have Mike to thank for the earthquake map. "What happens when I click on an earthquake?" DON'T!!!

: I bought a jar of marionberry preserves at Trader Joes. It's made with real crack. Just kidding. About the crack. It really is called marionberry.

: I accidentally rm -rfed my head of hair. That's okay. It'll grow back. And it only cost me $6, unlike the more conventional crew cuts which cost $12.

: Marionberry jelly is very good on peanut butter sandwiches. No seeds, mildly tart, excellent all around.


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