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: Is there a book or Web site dealing with inconsistencies in Ulysses? There should be, just to annoy the sort of people whom that would annoy.

: ElfStone Attic Treasures. What a great concept. A CD of old, obscure Linux stuff. The Linux counterpart of the Da Warren CD Dave and I are working on, I suppose. And it's got this great marketing on that page, which I will translate for you:

: Yesterday I was in Hollywood and I passed a store called Gay Mart USA ("America's Favorite Gay Superstore"). What does one buy in a gay superstore? Gay power tools? Big tubs of gay laundry detergent? No, just the usual boring gay clothes. If there was another gay superstore on the market, Gay Mart USA would no longer be America's favorite, I'll tell ya that for free.

: For some reason I'm really in the mood today to make fun of marketingspeak. It must be spring! Yes! Spring is here again!


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