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: Geez, I gotta recommend particular tracks so that people (such as daniel) will download them. Uh... there's some controversy as to whether the crup albums should actually be released as MP3 (So far it's me and Jer versus Jake) or left to die a slow, agonizing death on tapes, and besides all they have are track numbers so I'm not sure which tracks are which songs. So let's do some recommendations for Jer's albums.

I'm not really into instrumentals, but Cerve Basil is very good. A lot of the songs on it smells really bad in here are excellent, like Lady in Red, I want to marry a tall man, you know what? It's really annoying to make all these immensely long links so I'm just going to mention albums and track names and you can go to /music/hosted/jbruce and figure it out for yourself.

Who's the Grey Man, Got Kicked in the Balls and Cooking up the Tofu are also good. My knowledge of the other albums is limited because Jake once sent me a tape with a bunch of songs from them and no track list, but here are the ones I can associate: From i'm not playing with you..., for vintage jbruce get Cheese Fondue, Heath Bar (Crunch), Bennetts [a crup cover]. From Off Gabbt: Amy, Dave Moore, Ted Lin [one of the best jbruce songs IMO], Mara. i'm not playing..., off gabbt, and smally creative have HTML files in their directories that talk about the songs, so you can look at those and d/l whatever strikes your fancy. Other than that, you know as much as I do.

Oops, I forgot to mention the best jbruce song of all: Karl Malone. Get that, if nothing else.

: I'm giving an introductory talk on Python this evening at the UCLALUG meeting. Be there or be somewhere else. I know I will.

: Martin Sheen is Frank Zappa! Emilio Estevez is Frank Zappa!

: My Python presentation went pretty well. Notes and pictures soon.


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