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: Jake on the crup MP3s:

re: crup songs. let's make a selection. not all the songs. only some. i will make a list, as i am the one who will be embarrassed. and i will be embarrassed.

I don't want to suggest anything, but... no, I said I didn't want to suggest anything. So I won't.

: Microsoft and Ralph Reed - two great tastes that go better together!

: Jake's new sig (the quote is from the last email I sent him):

www.nindy.com     "It's finite... like a precious jewel.
That said, the chord progression is C F C5 G5+7. Sorta."
                                     -Leonard Richardson

: Mike [Chan] is being polled by Microsoft right now (for "Microsoft" equals "somebody paid by Microsoft to conduct a poll that shows popular support for Microsoft").

: Jake says Sausages is the best jbruce song. And it's an easy download!

: It was a long time ago (like, over a year ago). Kris said something about sportsmanship that I thought was very profound. It's been going in and out of my head ever since, but I never thought to write it down. That's why I wrote this song. No, that's why I'm writing it down now (paraphrased, obviously):

The difference between sportsmanship in wrestling and sportsmanship in other sports is this: If you see an interview of someone who lost at a real sport, they're like "Well, I guess the best man won, uh, I've just gotta push myself a little more and work on my defense and, you know, go out and try harder next time." But if you see an interview of someone who just lost a wrestling match, they're like "YOU ARE SCUM, MIGHTY MIKE MUELLER! YOU ARE BOOTLICKING SCUM! I AM GOING TO HUNT YOU DOWN AND SLASH YOUR TIRES AND KILL YOU!!!"

: I have been reduced to installing Quake on my computer, because Dan refuses to play any other networked game with me.


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