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: Celeste was mad at me but she's not anymore. :)

: The new improved lexer is done. I just have to put it in the framework that the TA wants it in. This is made difficult by the fact that the campus backbone is undergoing planned downtime so I can't get the documentation I need. I can't get email, either.

For some reason the TA wants to make sure we don't use malloc or new in the lexer. Why? If we were allowed to use malloc or new, would the lexer suddenly become incredibly easy? I don't think so.

You probably already know this, but a lot of Hannah-Barbara cartoons are just homomorphisms of Scooby Doo.

: Four [score and seven] years ago, I wrote a C++ program to answer the burning question: what are the odds of winning at craps? Today, the legend continues on the Web with Fast Jack's Floating Hall of Craps. In the spirit of corporate megamergers, FJFHoC has joined forces with the venerable Monty Hall's Hall of Doors to form Crummy.com's Hall of Halls.


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