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: Spent all afternoon rewriting the notebook interface. Now I can devote my energies to making the edit screen look nicer. Here's a cool trick that works now: Daily View, Daily Edit. Except the header and footer still think it's monthly. One more thing I have to fix.

: Susanna's notebook is up and on the new system. Jake, I'll get the gang's notebook on the new system probably Tuesday. I really need to get ready for my collab.net interview tomorrow. The main reason I spent most of today wrestling with NewsBruiser was so I'd have a decent-sized OO project to show them.

You can download a tar.gz of NewsBruiser here.

: I've always liked House of Fun by Madness, and now I know the lyrics. "This is a chemist, not a joke shop!" is a good nonsense rebuttal for when you want your nonsense rebuttals to have a bit of British flair to them.

: William S. Burroughs, programmer:

The pleasure of morphine is in the viscera... But C is electricity through the brain, and the C yen is of the brain alone, a need without body and without feeling. The C-charged brain is a berserk pinball machine, flashing blue and pink lights in electric orgasm. C pleasure could be felt by a thinking machine, the first stirrings of hideous insect life.


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