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: Not only does this guy have, among other programs, a program that automatically breaks the highly popular and oh-so-secure XOR-encryption, but some of those other programs are 'script-kiddie safe', requiring a fix to the code before they'll work. I think this should be a new buzzword.

: This is the sort of headline we need: The lunar eclipse: What you didn't see

If there were a Marine Biology Picture of the Day to go along with Astronomy Picture of the Day, I would be a happy camper.

: I'm looking around the Web site for Westminster College, where Andy is. Not only are there a lot of missing pages, but at the bottom of the pages that are there it says "This page is periodically monitored for updates." Why are they just monitoring for updates when they should be actually doing the updates?

The whole thing looks a little shady. Look at this: it's right out of a spam.

The Diplomatic Academy of London (DAL) has enacted this mission as the longest established British institution that pioneered integrated training programmes in Diplomatic Studies and International Relations (MA, MPhil & PhD Degrees ) IN THE HEART OF LONDON and PARIS!

: Fred tried to think of a good domain name for a porn site yesterday, but all the ones he thought of were taken.

: I should link to CMatrix since I mentioned it.


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