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: foaf on The Pirates of Silicon Valley:

They way Ballmer was portrayed made it seem like he's only using evil as a means to an end, that end being chicks and beer money.

Exactly. This is why you gotta love Ballmer.

: B in CS181. A- in philosophy! That's incredible! (The A-, not the B). I believe this means I make the Dean's List again.

: Folks, this is a full-fledged bonanza. Via an exclusive deal I make avaliable for you, the listening public, not only TWO albums from well-known attic band crupper scupper supper upper and the flupperdupper maleatora ("The best thing they ever did was break up." -- Variety), but also FIVE FULL FREAKING ALBUMS from well-known person and former crup bassist Jeremy Bruce from his solo act Off Gabbt ("We wish Off Gabbt would break up so we could say something mean about them." -- Variety). This is over TWO HUNDRED SONGS in MP3 format, over 350 megs of stuff all told. I'll be working with Jer and Jake to put up track lists for the albums that don't have them, but in the meantime you can start your downloading engines by going to /music/hosted/crup/ and /music/hosted/jbruce/. Enjoy, sucka.

: The listener's guide to the temporal ordering of those albums: On the crup side, the albums go My Dinner With Andre Nguyen -> What Do You Call Those [sic] Pork Things. For jbruce, I believe it goes I'm not playing with you or you ever again till next friday -> Smally Creative -> Off Gabbt -> Largely Creative -> it smells really bad in here.

: Not the sort of site I ever expected to link to anything on my site.


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