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: I don't have lilypond, so I can't use impro. A look at the source reveals that it isn't as intelligent as I was hoping an improvisation program to be, anyway. Oh well.

: Pluto and Charon: giant alien disco balls?

: Deitel, Deitel, Deitel. I made him out of clay. Deitel, Deitel, Deitel. It's Deitel I shall play.

: My scanner will now remove comments from source code. To celebrate, I give you The Theobrominator!

: The scanner is just about done. C++ is not nearly as horrible as I remember it. Since C++ has not changed in the past 3 years, I must be a better programmer than I was then. This is not hard to believe.

: As far as I can tell, the scanner is done. Of course, the spec will probably change on me, since we're not technically supposed to have even started on the scanner yet.


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