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: On the silly names for Susanna thread, a bit of prehistoric Leonardonics: the original names I called Susanna were "Moby", "Yummy Moby", and "Mo" (rare). They all came from a riddle in a book of dumb jokes given me to pass the time on a car trip. The question was something along the lines of "What's large, yellow, and stabbed at from Hell's heart by Captain Ahab, spat at for hate's sake with his last breath?" Obviously that wasn't the original question, but there may have been reference to Melville's masterwork. The answer was "Moby Banana". Susanna had a nickname (not a name-calling name) "Susanna Banana", so I started calling her Moby.

I have no idea where the "Yummy" in "Yummy Moby" came from; my only justification is that I said "yummy" a lot when I was a kid, probably more than I should have. I blame those motivational children's song tapes. Oh boy, I've got joy.


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