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: Test case 14 (Love potion #14) had a syntax error in it (a comma instead of a semicolon). I fixed it and my checker caught the semantic error right away. Woohoo!

: All those test cases work now. 31 and 32 also work. If I have time I can do #12 and #22. Right now I should work on my paper, since my expected grade on the semantic analyzer right now is 83%.

: Segfault: If you had feelings about US Considered A-Bomb on Moon, it's likely that US Bombs Moon; Soviets Not Affected will also invoke feelings.

: I have one successful submission of my semantic analyzer. If I decide to work on it some more I can do another one. From scuttlebutt and general attitude around the class, I'm pretty sure that very few people have even been able to start on the semantic analysis portion of the project. So even though it took me an insanely long amount of time to get a design that worked, it took less time (and was probably less frustrating) than it would have to have gone with the original horrible design.

: I should point out that "Yummy Moby", "Moby", etc. are impersonal nouns, not titles. So Susanna was not Yummy Moby, she was the Yummy Moby.

: Another night of wackiness at Leonard and Dan's house:

Leonard: Angband is the only open source project I know of that has fragmented to the extent that people who want open source projects to fragment want open source projects to fragment.

[Long pause.]

Leonard: Can you think of another?

Dan: I'd have to parse what you just said first.

: Why do people think they can send arbitrary press releases to editor@segfault.org? What do they think is going to happen? Weren't they paying attention when I mocked them?

: I want to know about a diet I can live with and what is in the news message at news://news.jpl.nasa.gov/8gg0mv%243aq%241%40nntp1.jpl.nasa.gov. We got 5 hits on Segfault from it today, but it's not a public newsserver so I don't know what the article says. Does anyone read this who has access to JPL's news server and can copy me on this message?


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