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Interviewer: I'm talking with the Ralph Nader of the film industry, Ray (not Art) Carney. A real consumer advocate! Tell me, Ray, what did you think about movies like Forrest Gump, Schindler's List, and Pulp Fiction?

Ray Carney: Those movies were crap.

Interviewer: But a lot of people liked those movies a lot.

Ray Carney: They were still crap. What people need is movies like John Cassavetes' Faces.

Interviewer: But a lot of people walk out of Cassavetes' movies because they're so depressing.

Ray Carney: It doesn't matter. That's what people need, and if people had any sense they'd realize it.

At times I don't think the term "consumer advocate" is appropriate for Mr. Carney, and at other times I think that it's perfectly appropriate.


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