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Caption This and That:

Mike wants me to write a CGI that lets one submit captions for pictures a la MST3K's Caption This!. I may do it over the weekend. I tell you, this guy is bleeding me dry.

Also: I forgot what I was going to put here. Oh yeah. Not only is Mark a NewsBruiser beta tester, but he's also using COPOUT. In fact, he's ripping off one of my old polls. How's that for gratitude? Mark, I will hunt you down and steal your RealHamster doll!

Hi, I'm Terry Chow: I just found Terry Chow's homepage, and, as a consequence, this picture of him doing "The Terry Chow Look" which I've never seen anyone else do. It's his look of pride or surprise. It says "Hi, I'm Terry Chow.". It's fabulous. He looks a lot different in person, though, for some reason.

If you click on the picture you will get a larger version in which you can see that Terry is a KDE user, like me.

omne animale triste: "dinosaur" means "terrible lizard". So "dinoflagellate" must mean "terrible flagellate".

I directly apprehend that this sucks!: Done with my philosophy paper, an hour before it's due. As usual, I hate it. As usual, it will probably get a B. I'm so glad I'm not a philosophy major like Dan is. I couldn't stand that.

Photo, photo, photo mania: My camera finally came in, and in accordance with prophecy I am madly taking photos of everything. The fruits of my labors, including a tour of the Leonard/Dan apartment and a picture of my fabulous Elvis votive, are avaliable in pictures


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