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I'm not only the server... I'm also a client!: I'm very excited, because... well, I shouldn't say until it actually goes through. Suffice to say that I am excited. I'm struggling to keep quiet because there are many associated stories that I want to tell and I'm afraid I'll forgot them.

To change the subject: as great as editthispage is, I miss NewsBruiser. It takes less time and fewer actions to publish an item with NewsBruiser than with editthispage. The disparity is multiplied when I'm using lynx, as I usually am. Editing an entry is easier with editthispage (I should certainly hope so!), unless you want to edit an old entry, in which case it's a toss-up.

I dis not editthispage. It is good, especially if you don't have an account on a server.

I'm working on the caption script for Mike. Not as fun as I thought it would be. Oh well. I have to study for my compiler midterm as well. Celeste is coming over this afternoon to help me study for 130.

The Loan Arranger strikes again: I got a packet of stuff from Sallie Mae (a loan company, not a southern belle) about the loan I got from them in 1998. I have to start paying the loan back on the first of next year. I can conveniently make my monthly payments electronically, or I can go for a longer-term payment schedule, and I'll get 2% off the interest rate if I make my first 48 months of payments on time and blah and blah. The funny thing is that all of this is completely irrelevant since by next year I'll be able to pay the loan in one lump sum. It's only a $1500 loan.

make woooorld!: I just realized something. In addition to "make" and "make install", the makefile generated by autoconf should have "make rpm" and "make deb". "I mantain packages for program x" should not be something worthy of being put on your list of contributions to free software. "What's to mantain?" That should be what people ask Dan. But it ain't.

I don't know an incredible amount about package creation, but it seems that if you can automate "make install", you can automate "make rpm". I want to say that this would be revolutionary, except it wouldn't. But it would be damn nice. Any piece of software that uses autoconf: you can build into an RPM, build it into a DEB, package it as a source RPM. No more waiting for RPMs to come out. No more programmer-hours wasted in mantaining packaged versions of software.

Remember the Programmer's Creed: Any sufficiently boring task can and should be automated. Package management is boring. Let's automate it.

Hey, it could happen.

It's Time For Spiritual Buffy: KatzDot is still hilarious. Experience it!


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