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: I feel a lot better today. I may not need to get that medicine at all. I'm certainly not going to get it if I have to pay $70 for it. OTOH, I keep getting sick, recovering, and then immediately getting sick again, and antibiotics might stop this pattern. OTOOH, the doctor said this was because I'm in a situation (UCLA) where I come into close contact with hundreds of people every day. Since that won't be happening anymore, I should be fine.

I can't wait til I start my job at collab and I get real insurance. I'll finally be able to get glasses and braces.

: My insurance card is a medical card only. Obviously, prescriptions do not fall under the rubric of "medical", so they can't be billed to a medical card. I'll just have to get better on my own.

: Here's my schedule for next week: On Monday at 8 I have my Oceans final, which should be laughably easy as it's a lower-division class. My CS130 final has to be turned in between 3 and 6 on Wednesday. The CS130 final looks pretty tough, mainly because it requires that I read through all the crap paperwork we produced. I have to turn in my paper on Wittgenstein (who was, indeed, a beery swine) by noon on Friday. Then I'm done. Yay!

: I finally got my insurance to go through. The punchline: the co-pay on the insurance is $78, which is $6 more than the student health center wanted for the medicine (without insurance) in the first place. Is there even a point to having insurance?

: I finally got my rip-off medication (it's Mendocino County &tc.). I have to take it with food, so I got a pizza too. The pizza is my first real food in 2 days, and I think I ate it too quickly because I feel sick. Well, I feel sick anyway but you know what I mean.

: My mother explains how health insurance works. I love the way my mother writes, although I never really saw her write like that while I was living at home.

: I'm completely full of pizza but I couldn't stop eating because food is so good. I had to take the box down to the fridge so I'd stop eating and bloating myself with food.


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