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: Dimi Shahbaz, who is on the LUG list but whom I've never met, says my site is "addictive". "You would imagine that some guys log of his life (mostly complaints about stuff) would be pretty boring, and no one would read it, but damned if I don't enjoy it," he goes on to say. He closes by saying "A lot of your jokes I don't get but I pretend to anyway." Nobody gets my jokes, Dimi. That's why they're so good. I don't know why I quoted huge chunks of that mail rather than putting it in /mail.

: Aha. My 132 final is the final I had today from 8 to 11. My Oceans final isn't until 11:30. I'm wondering if I should stay here or go home and come back.

Fred: I have learned how to parse XML!
Leonard: Isn't that the parser's job?
Fred: I have learned how to use the parser!

: The first time I've ever seen "NBC is a partner in MSNBC".

I met Dimi today.

: My cousin Allison, justification for the trip that brought us the the Texas travelogue, had her first baby yesterday afternoon. His name is Atticus. Atticus! Atticus!

: There was a time when Americans designed and manufactured good, reliable helicopters. Helicopters which did not explode when shot at. Personally, I think it's a shame that those days are now behind us. But professionally, I must admit it does make my job a good deal easier.


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