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: The Towers of Hanoi example program compiles and runs now. This means that conditionals and subroutine calls work. I still have to do some work on conditional expressions, and then work arrays into the picture, and then I'll be done.

: I'm a koala, I'm a small marsupial, I eat eucalyptus and I'm REALLY INTERESTED IN THE FATE OF YOUR ORGANIC COCOA!!!!!


Madonna's Agent: One of Madonna's singles was leaked out onto the Net yesterday. Madonna is extremely peeved about this!

The Record Company Madonna Works For: That's right, Madonna is very pissed off!

Reporters: "Madonna livid" rhubarb rhubarb...

: To do: array creation, array element emit, operations on whole arrays, a > b > c crap.

: Oh yeah, I also have to do comparisons on strings. Bleah.

: Oh yeah again, Jasmin has an "unconditional jump" instruction. Surprisingly, it's called "goto".


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