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: I want to use gphoto to obtain pictures from my digital camera, but it's horribly designed, over 50 megabytes in size, requires an 8 meg helper app to talk to my particular model of camera, makes me agree to an onerous licensing agreement, and puts me through the trouble of making up fake personal information so that the authors of gphoto won't be secretly sent my real personal information and my personalized gphoto serial number the next time I connect the laptop to the Internet.

Did I say gphoto? Sorry, I meant Adobe Photodeluxe. gphoto has an 800-kilobyte RPM, is GPLed, and talks to over 100 models of camera.

All kidding aside, why should I have to install 60 megs of software to download pictures from a digital camera onto a Windows machine? I'm feeling generous, so I'll throw the GIMP onto the Linux side, even though it provides about an order of magnitude more image manipulation functionality than does Adobe Photodeluxe. That's still under 20 megs. How do people live this way? My conclusion: gphoto was developed by people who were pissed off at Adobe Photodeluxe.

If you'll excuse me, I now have to save each of my 40 pictures individually, convincing the program each time that I want to save it in JPEG format (the way they're stored in the camera) instead of the proprietary Adobe Photodeluxe format.


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