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: I am not in a good mood. I spent yesterday and all of today trying to get a car. The guy my mother put in charge of selling me a car, a man with whom she has dealt with in the past, is completely incompetent. At several points I thought he was trying to cheat me, but he is just incompetent. My mother says she "feel[s] sorry for him". If there's one thing I've learned in life, it's that you do not enter into large-scale business transactions with people because you feel sorry for them. There's probably a reason why you feel sorry for them. I am amazed that my mother has not learned this lesson.

There's a lady who's in charge of the paperwork who stayed at her desk and with whom I got more done in five minutes than I had in hours of talking to the other guy and waiting for him to run around talking to his superiors seeing if this or that was okay. This lady should be selling the cars.

I do have insurance now, at least, so I should be able to get my car by Monday. It's a gold Saturn. I don't like cars, but I need to get one.


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