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: Bleah. Rose mulch bleach.

: My mother wanted me to watch Harold and Maude, but I cannot endorse it. It reminded me of the comedy version of The House of Yes (which I also cannot endorse). All I can say good for it is that it accurately reflects for me the mood of the early 70s, and that it wasn't one of those pseudo-comedies where the characters can do a wacky thing but then they have to deal with the consequences of their actions for ten minutes. The wacky thing gets done, the scene ends, and that's all we hear of it. The only problem was that I wanted them to have to deal with the consequences of their actions because I didn't like the characters very much.

: Despite the car salesman's best efforts at dissuading me, I now have a car. I am also $16,000 in debt. When collab.net goes public be sure to buy lots of stock to drive up the value of my options so I can pay off my car.

It's probably illegal for me to say that. I was kidding! Let the record show I was kidding!

Some new pictures in misc; one of Mrs. Irby (whose Dylan bootlegs I returned today, after having had them for over 2 years), and one of me doing the jigsaw puzzle as per Celestial request. Susanna also has a pictures section now.

Mrs. Irby's picture is sideways. Woop, not anymore! Thank goodness for Chef convert 0626-001.jpg -rotate 270 0626-irby.jpg!


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