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: The CS130 application is done. In the spirit of last year's CS111 webcam wackiness, there are some pictures up of us writing the app. Josh has a few more pictures; send them my way, Josh, if you please. I don't have any descriptions for those pictures, but I will soon. I'm not in many of the pictures because I was generally the one taking the pictures. Sorry, Celeste. Josh has more pictures of me.

I gotta say, CS130 was the most useless CS class I ever took at UCLA. I was hoping to learn about UML and stuff. All I learned was how to waste a whole lot of time generating paperwork and then at the last minute rush to put together a system that bears a passable resemblance to the system described by the paperwork. That may be how things work in the real world (my experience is otherwise), but I could have easily learned that on the job.


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