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: Collab.net has obtained funding from Sun, but the news is not on collab.net's front page. I don't know why. Maybe they only link to their own press releases.

: It's not just Sun; it's (among others) Dell, HP, Intel, Novell, Oracle, and Turbolinux, and this is the actual second round of financing. This is good news, although as I understand it, it would have been better news had I gotten my options before this happened.

: I discovered this morning that Jasmin has modulus instructions baked right in. Oh well. (We present) My modulus works fine.

: Why does it {hurt when I pee, take me so long to derive the mapping of an element of an n-dimensional array to an element of a one-dimensional array}? It's not difficult, yet I must needs fill up a whole page with poorly drawn diagrams and equations to figure it out.

BTW, if i1...in are the indices of the array element, and sk is the size of dimension k in the array, than the mapping is:

a[i1, i2, ... in] = b[i1 + E{j=2..n}(ij * T{k=1..j-1}(sk))]

The E and T are symbolic of summation and multiplication summation (I forgot the term, but it's the pi summation as opposed to the sigma summation), respectively. Damn these non-MathML-supporting browsers.

Now I need to use this to make my ArrayElementNodes capable of figuring out where in the actual (one-dimensional) array they reference. Then, they will become self-aware and take over the world! AH HA HA HA HA!

Or maybe they will just help me get my compiler done.

: I don't think I've ever had richer chocolate than the chocolate in this chocolate pudding. It reminds me of those coffees (cappucinos maybe?) that Adam drank last quarter in our digital design lab. They smelled nice at first, but by the end of the quarter, every time he bought one it was like he was loading up a syringe with caramel, sticking it up my nose, and pulling the plunger.

: Dammit, UCLA, I am not going to give you any more money! Stop trying to sell me alumni crap I don't need! I've already paid you upwards of $20,000! I've taken your classes and gotten good grades, so give me my diploma and stop trying to get more money out of me!


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