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: I put up (a slightly edited version of) an email from foaf regarding how software development works in the real world.

I know I shouldn't be awake right now, but I am.

: My latest KatzDot: Open Source Sex - It's About Time

: Jake on lutefisk. Jake, it might be better for you if you don't read about the preparation of the lutefisk.

Eating lutefisk for Christmas seems to me like eating unleavened bread for Passover, except that unleavened bread can be made appetizing.

: a < b < c works. It was actually pretty easy, because what I did was sneak in before outputting the assembler code and change a < b < c to a < b && b < c, which the compiler already knows how to output as assembler. Still to do: operations on whole arrays and string comparisons.

: Cyborg lampreys! In what other field are new developments described as "laudably perverse"?

: My grade on the semantic analyzer: 84. Average grade: 36.4. I kick ass! I don't quite understand the syntax of my grade email, though. I get five points off for "infinite loop" (when?) and after the list of test cases my analyzer failed on it says EXITS 09. Why, Spock, why?


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