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: My mother was awake, but not out of bed. Just so I don't get accused of slandering my own mother.

I'm at collab.net now. Three... why did I type "three"? I don't know. I have a computer with a huge monitor. Lynx looks so good in it. I'm going to go publish some Segfault stories while I wait for Brian to get here.

: Ahh... now I can drink!

: The "Applets" icon for Helix-Gnome looks like Sputnik. Is it Sputnik? I assume it's not since that makes absolutely no sense. But what is it?

: Correction: Terry Chow does not use KDE.

: Wohoo! My cumulative UCLA GPA is 3.303!

: The boom box here is playing a reggae version of "Autobahn". It has stunned me into submission, like a large frog smacked on the head by a two-by-four.


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