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: Got my birthday present from Jake: three CDs.

  1. Jake's own Ordem e Progresso
  2. Cat and Bird Hospital (Jake and Greg, who I do not know) Get Well Soon, which would be a lot better if the vocals were done in normal voices instead of sore-throat voices.
  3. The Interview with a Frankenstein audio issue, which I have not heard but which covers (?) my 68 Dead Ones, which slightly distresses me as Jake said he was going to cover Liza Dei.

: Whoops, it's not a cover, it's the original tape recording of 68 Dead Ones I sent to Jake years ago, with some samples dubbed on top of it. How emberraske (for me).

: What if I kept track of every single URL I came across in print and post them at the end of the day in a big list? Answer: there would be something seriously wrong with me.

: Microsoft's .NET not bid to control Internet - CEO See? Even the CEO says so!

: I forgot to mention that Celeste sent me a bunch of cool shirts and two very sweet cards for my birthday. Thank you so much, honey.

I was reminded of Celeste by the song Sara on One Hand, the Drug Store on the Other on the IwaF audio issue. It's the best song on that CD. It's so beautiful, it moves me to tears. The only problem with it is the inclusion of a sample after the song is over.

: "LinuxWorld Conference & Expo has moved the registration deadline to July 21 to accommodate the new software rage." Huh?


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