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How'd we pack so much FLAVOR and CRUNCH into something so MINI? One bite and your family will know this BIG TASTE is something DIFFERENT. QUAKER CRISPY MINI'S [sic] are OVEN-BAKED for a LIGHT, CRISPY texture you'll love to MUNCH. It's the SNACK that's a TREAT to EAT. At a party or simply watching TV, it's the only MINI that's BIG where it counts.

Wanna add some CRUNCH to the taste of CARAMEL? You've grabbed the right bag. CARAMEL CRISPY MINI'S [sic] bring to mind swirls of thick, rich caramel. And, better still, they've got CRUNCH! Now you can really satisfy your family's sweet tooth. So c'mon! Crunch into CARAMEL QUAKER CRISPY MINI'S! [sic]

This opens up so many questions. Like, why the unhealthy obsession with my family? Why the Pokeyfication? Why the apostrophe errors? Whose idea was it to write the copy as though "flavor" and "crunch" were cancer preventatives?


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