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: I think this is the funniest thing Scott (JR, not H) has ever written: (from his journal)

I mean, its not as if the Queen Mother is destructible anyway. If you blew her up, she'd reassamble and walk out of the flames Terminator style.

Happy birthday, Scott!

: The open source conference was great. I have pictures which I can't seem to get onto my laptop, including many pictures of Larry Wall making a fool of himself. Larry Wall has many of the mannerisms of Weird Al Yankovic, and he also had the Weird Al glasses and Hawaiian shirt (and old-school mustache). Also Brian, Tim O'Reilly, Richard Gabriel (me: "Is that the Richard Gabriel?" Jon: "Yeah, although I'm not sure what he's known for."), Andy Hertzfeld, and other greats. Actually, I think that's it as far as the greats go. But I also have lots of pictures of my friends.

: I got a paycheck yesterday. This is not good, as my money was supposed to be directly deposited into my UCU account. This means I have to go over to the BofA and open an account there so that I can make my car payment.

: RIAA:Napster::MPAA:Scour.

(I have an interest in Scour because I went to UCLA with the people who founded it.)

: Today's Zippy (which will only last until Monday) has a nice touch: the building in the cartoon is the Griffith Observatory in L.A.

: Does anyone know the original source of the fake news story "Metallica's New Album Is Napster-Proof"? I thought it was from modernhumorist.com, but it's not. Someone tried to submit it as a Segfault story. The story posits a Metallica album with one, really long, really crappy song.


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