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: Thanks to Celeste for tracking down the Metallica article.

In other news, my CARROT/STIC Segfault story was profiled on Tasty Bits from the Technology Front. Woohoo!

: Segfault: DVD Zone Encoding Has Gone Too Far! I actually wrote that story a long time ago (on paper, waiting for the plane back to LA after my Zack interview), but it still works.

: Recipient of tiny heart pump goes home after transplant. Do they run a story every time anyone goes home after a transplant? Are they going to run a story about me when I go home?

: This organization is one of the SourceXchange sponsors: Future Captains of Capitalism. When I was a kid, it was Future Farmers of America.

: Wow, Mike cut his hair.

: I'm going through the DSL shenannigans again. Hopefully I'll have it within a week and I can start working from home.

: New features include...nuclear fallout

: Even before the merger [of Visio and Microsoft], [Visio CEO Ted] Johnson was an outspoken defender of Microsoft in its fight against the Department of Justice. He [sic] opinion hasn't changed.

I'm not sure what the expectation is. Do the CEOs of most companies acquired by Microsoft suddenly start supporting the antitrust action?

: Town Searches For Monster Snake. A truly monstrous snake would not require much searching for.

: Just spoke to Cameron Barrett again, at somewhat greater length than last time. He seems like a really great guy.

: It's gotten to the unfortunate point that every time I see news of a natural disaster, I think of it in terms of embedded Linux. I guess you ridicule what you don't understand, and I understand neither natural disasters nor embedded Linux. When San Francisco is destroyed by earthquake, my thoughts as I fly across the room will be "Oh no, an embedded Linux earthquake!"

: Since I moved here, I've been wondering why the fog clears up in the afternoon only during the week. The weekends are inevitably shrouded in perpetual fog. The only reasonable explanation is that the fog clears up in the afternoon in the downtown area, where I am during the week, but not in the hills, where I live and where I stay during the weekend.

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