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: As a preview of the travelogue I am sure to write, I put up about 30 pictures taken over the past five days. Enjoy.

: Everything in Washington and Canada seems designed for someone several inches shorter than myself. This is very strange, as I am not particularily tall.

: Pinball games suffer from incredible point inflation, such that even someone who is terrible at pinball, such as myself (I'm not a pinball wizard, nor must there be a twist) can score 17 million points over the course of a typical game.

In the car, Susanna read out loud a joke she was reading in Our Dumb Century, But I was sitting in the front seat, away from her, and when she said "cannibalism", I heard "catapults", which ruined the joke. The thing was, it not only ruined the joke but it also made the joke about ten times funnier, and I started laughing hysterically. After Susanna discovered that I was laughing at a misinterpretation of the joke, she grew sullen. "I tried to share my humor, and they laughed at me!", she said.

: I just put up 4 new pictures taken today.


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