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: Wow, I got a whole lot of mail from real people (as opposed to mail from mailing lists I'm on) yesterday evening after I'd gone home. That doesn't usually happen.

Mark says Nick Moffit says I'm a genius. If only he [Nick Moffit] knew.

Mark also was unable to give me a definite answer to my question, so I pose it here (although I doubt there is anyone who reads this more qualified to answer it than is Mark). On Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, did they ever deal with the fact that gold-pressed latinum and all the other goodies for which the Ferengi sweat and cheat and lie can simply be obtained from a replicator for the trouble of asking for it?

: This is quite the bizarre banner ad, but it appeals to me. There's something about a fish swimming into a thought bubble that I find hilarious.

: Why are there no Amazonian women in fur bikinis in this picture?

: That blasted smell is back. It's got to be psychosomatic.

: -1 on the rocks! -1 on the rocks!


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