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: Consensus (from Daniel Hsu and Sumana Harihareswara) is that gold-pressed latinum can't be replicated because its structure is too complicated. Sumana says you just end up with regular latinum. I find this highly unconvincing. There are not many things simpler than gold. In fact, there are exactly 78 things simpler than gold. But that's the semi-official explanation (Sumana got it from a Trek novel).

: The gold-pressed latinum issue is finally resolved, as the mysterious Steven points me to a page which exists for the sole purpose of answering peoples' snarky replicator questions.

Note however that I said "gold pressed latinum and all the other goodies...", but I'm tired of talking about this, so never mind. {NTK, NYCB} regrets that this correspondence is now closed.

: Report on Microsoft confuses. So does headline.

: The same person who wrote that headline probably also wrote Linux Desktops set.


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