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: This osOpinion piece is actually pretty good, mainly beacuse it has very little to do with anyone's OS opinion.

: I love the way the BBC publishes three stories on the same theme at once, viz: Pokemon virus contained, Economics lessons the Pokémon way, and Scientists Probe Cartoon Seizures.

: I have a bizarre interest in embedded Linux, apart from the variety of natural disasters associated with it. I say "bizarre" because I have very little interest in Linux per se. I'm not really interested in operating system-level stuff. I also have no interest in soldering wires and molding plastic casings and doing the other things that usually result in embedded Linux devices.

I also have little interest in what I've seen of embedded Linux devices. I don't really want an MP3 player for my car or anything like that. I think the stuff we're doing with Indrema is really cool, but I'm not into gaming qua "gaming", so I don't need a game console.

So why am I so fascinated by embedded Linux? I don't know. I know why I'm fascinated by Lego Mindstorms, and it's for a related but different reason than the one I can't articulate. I think that my subconscious has a really cool idea for an embedded Linux application, but before revealing it to my conscious mind, it needs a lot of information, thus causing in me a desire to read a lot about embedded Linux.

: "This has had a devastating effect on the credibility of music generally: it is no longer a socially unnacceptable art form." I don't know if that's a mistake or not.

: Celeste ordered me lunch from kozmo.com. She's so sweet.


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