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: Protect us from the laws of supply and demand! Bring back the days of socialized electricity!

: Hacker crackdown, or cracker hackdown?

: I have to know: Who are Liam and Patsy?

: On the way to the bonfire I saw a Korean (?) church which advertised itself as "The Home of Christ" the way a restaurant would advertise itself as "Home of the Big Bacon Burger". I took a picture of it, but, unlike my other pictures, it didn't come out.

On the way home from the bonfire, I got lost and somehow ended up on the 280 (yes, the 280, myeh) and had to turn around. I know I'm going to get flak for complaining about the street layout of San Francisco, so I will acknowledge that there are parts of LA where the streets curve and split off and do weird things. And, by the same token, there are parts of San Francisco where you can drive for nearly two miles without running into a three-way stoplight or some other unholy freak of traffic control.

: I forgot to mention that on the way to Mike's house, I saw the famous dog with chef's hat statue from Zippy the Pinhead. I would have taken a picture, but there was nowhere to park.

: Consecutive Slashdot headlines: Linux In A Box, Linux on a Wrist Watch?. I predict Linux on a Wrist Watch In A Box? next.

: Windows: Wave of the Future or Sack of Bile? is not the follow-up to my Linux: Windows Avenger or Worm-Ridden OS of Filth?, but it could be.

: Wow, now that I've graduated, SEASNet offers Solaris. Which reminds me, I'd better move my Smokey compiler off the SEASNet machine before they shut my account down.

: I just committed my first line of code to an open source project. (There was a method added to another class at my request, but I didn't write the method, I just called it.)

: Wow, where did the day go? It went on the rails, of course. It couldn't have gone...anywhere else.


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