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: Life imitates Segfault.

: And more Segfault, this time from me: Industry Unites Around Vague, Poorly-Defined Vision

: Co-Worker Josh wrote:

Sometimes, what seem to be little decisions can drastically effect an employee's performance and attitude... in this case, it was in a good way

Just for the record, I was affected in the same way as Josh. Although I would have said it a little differently. I would have said "Sometimes, decisions which seem to be little ones...", because grammatically that looks better.

Uh, the sentiment still stands, though.

: I'm worried about artificial intelligences that share the prejudices of their creators. I'm worried about plaid clothing and Espedrils. Do you know me? I'm professional Jack Gale. Your shoestring budget will be the death of you.

: Here is Twain's wonderful Fennimore Cooper's Literary Offenses

: This morning I was smelling a really nasty smell which I only remember smelling in Peter's office while I was sick. It's gone now, though.


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