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: Whenever people find out that I like Python, they always ask me the same question: "Is that your real hair?" No, wait, that's not the question. The question is "Don't the whitespace restrictions cramp your style?" THE ANSWER IS NO. It's something which you get used to. Every language has such things, and at least Python's whitespace restrictions serve a useful purpose. By the way, you know what bugs me about Perl? The damn brace restrictions! Every time you want to do any kind of conditional, you have to type a curly brace. Then you have to match it up when the conditional is done. C and Java have this problem too.

Follow me to Wal Drug: Crummy is back up. Until next time, go to the real site.

: Ego roundup for the time crummy was down: Celeste and I were briefly mentioned in a LinuxWorld story, and my polynomial Segfault story follows up its mention in Crypto-Gram with a featured appearance in RISKS Digest. Plus, I just got confirmation that it's been reprinted on Usenet in the rec.humor Canonical List of Math Jokes. I have no way of verifying this, unfortunately, as I never use Usenet and Deja doesn't show the post.

: This is probably not the best venue for this thing, but I don't really have anything else. Mike: I sent you the new version of the top-secret app this morning, but then got a "could not be delivered for last 4 hours". Tell me if you got it; otherwise give me a number I can call you at tomorrow so we can arrange a pickup.

Other people: you never saw this entry. I'm not allowed to talk about this program. Only Mike and JoeM and Celeste can know about it.


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