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: This is probably the meanest Segfault story I've ever written: _descramble_.mp3 "Inappropriate"; pissing_in_the_ladies__sin.mp3 "Okey-Dokey"

: Joe is leaving for Christchurch to catch a plane to San Francisco. I'm picking him up at the airport Saturday morning and then driving him down to Bakersfield so he won't get a bad impression of America during his time here.

Our time in Bakersfield corresponds to the timeframe of a project in which people with weblogs (whose numbers I have de facto joined by Cam's inclusion of Crummy on his list of weblogs) take pictures of their boring, worthless lives. [0]

It costs me no effort to join this project, since I'll be taking lots of pictures during that timeframe and putting them on the web anyway. The problem is that the site refers to this activity as a "shoot" and the resulting product as a "virtual gallery"; not exactly actions I want to encourage.

So, I've made it into a poll; vote on whether I should take part. Or take all, for that matter. The deadline for entering is the 17th, so the poll will probably run until tomorrow evening.

(By the way, the name of the weblog is "News You Can Bruise", not "Crummy", which is the name of the whole site. But I won't complain because "Crummy.com" is closer to the top of Cam's list of weblogs than "News You Can Bruise" would be.)

[0] Lives may not actually be boring and worthless.

: FHW: Odor sickens 33 in Texas


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