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: Dropped Joe off at the airport today. My windshield was really dirty and the thing that's supposed to spray water on the windshield so you can run your wipers apparantly didn't work. So I drove there and back with terrible dirt glare.

Spam I got today: "Your internet shopping can help us elect Republicans to the White House!" Reaction #1: Oh no! Reaction #2: I didn't know the White House had multiple vacancies this year.

In Bakersfield I bought 8 MST3K tapes. So many episodes I haven't seen for years, and three (The Atomic Brain, Catalina Caper, and The Unearthly) I hadn't seen at all. The only Comedy Central MST3K episodes I haven't seen are The Human Duplicators and The Painted Hills. Does anyone want to trade?

Sorry, Dave, that I didn't get to meet up with you while I was in Bakersfield.


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