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: I have recieved a Fab Four postcard from my sister Rachel, who is in England. I can now recreate the classic scene from The Beginning of the End in which giant grasshoppers launch an assault on the Beatles. "'Elp, John, they're attacking me." "Defend Ringo at all costs." Actually, I can't recreate that scene, since I have no grasshoppers.

Rachel says, "Leonard -- I thought you might like this postcard. Tomorrow we are all going to Abbey Road to take pictures! Love ya! [heart] Rachel". Abbey Road? Slowly I turned! Step by step! Inch by inch!

: "We could use some help from physicists and biologists here." I'll say.

: Oh yeah, caller on talk radio this morning: "We should get smart people, not bureaucrats, and put them in charge of our energy system." The only way this can make sense is if "bureaucrats" is read as "non-smart people" instead of the more conventional reading of "people in charge of big regulated systems, eg. the energy system".

: Well, I'm a happy camper tonight, as I get word from Mike that he has figured out the premise of Degeneracy. Now I just have to figure out how to properly in-game clue the endgame puzzles, and we'll be rocking in Memphis.


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