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I'm jumping on a bandwagon here, but it's such a cute bandwagon. Behold the StorTroopers! (which I got via foaf, in case other people try to trace ancestry through NYCB). The miracle Diesel Sweeties-esque technology that allows foaf's avatar and mine to look almost exactly alike, even though foaf and I look nothing alike! Compare and contrast Kris' old drawing of me as an anime character with long hair (note that I had long hair at the time--it wasn't artistic license on Kris' part).

: Today I get to spend the whole day testing. Yippee! <--sarcasm Like most programmers, I feel that testing beyond "this patch doesn't seem to break anything" is somehow not my responsibility, and that I should just be given bugs to fix.

: This is terrible. I'm eating some navy bean soup right now, and even though it's not spicy at all, my taste buds are informing me that it is, in fact, spicy. This constant yoga has lowered my spiciness tolerance!

: I'm trying to get everyone at CollabNet (or at least in apps-dev) to do storTroopers of themselves so we can do a big collage. Yes, I am storTrooper obsessed. So far Jason Robbins and Susan Kelly have iconified themselves.


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