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: This CNN article is really funny because the little toolbar looks like "Click here for powerful intellect. Click here for luminescent prose." Also, I'm in a silly mood.

: storTroopers in Love. Cartoon heart courtesy Diesel Sweeties. Correct eye color courtesy the GIMP.

: From a conversation with Kevin in which I was explaining Degeneracy to him:

<kpm_home> my character's a schizophrenic?
<leonardr> no
<leonardr> he just belongs to a different time and culture from you
<kpm_home> you wouldn't cast me in the role of W., would you?
<leonardr> there's an idea
<kpm_home> there's an idea that would drive me to new states of apoplexy.
<leonardr> "You are standing outside a white house..."
<kpm_home> aahhhhh!!

: The (unintentionally) funniest banner ad I've ever seen. How do i know? Because no banner ad before that one has caused me to break out laughing. What would an optimized version of such software do? Transfer all your money directly out of your bank account in one lump sum?

My favorite banner ad is still the IBM/Linux one with the penguin and his (her?) grandmother.

: Over the past few months I've been trying to make the "header" portion of the front page smaller so that more of the weblog portion shows up on the initial screen. My primary tactic has been to cram all the little features that go in the header and make life fun into a smaller and smaller space. This time I think I may have gone too far. Let me know what you think. As if you cared about boring details like my site design.


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