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: Be Dope was the inspiration for Segfault, and somewhere along the way was born my friendship with Be Dope editor Mike Popovic. He wrote some Segfault stories, I wrote some Be Dope stories (too lazy to find and link to them), he beta-tested Guess The Verb!, I went to his beach parties and ate his veggie burgers, etc. etc. As fate would have it, I became the author of the very last paragraph to be published on Be Dope.

But the Leonard/Mike collaboration will not end with the retirement of Be Dope. Oh no. Devoted NYCB readers (such as myself) will remember that Mike holds the lofty position of Vice-President in charge of Pig Exposure for Degeneracy, which one day I actually hope to work on. I also may be making contributions to Mike's post-Be Dope project.

I don't really know how to end this entry. I just sort of wanted to mark the passing of Be Dope. Streethouse Rock is over now.

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