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: Kris is going to post my announcement to r.a.if. Eventually. If he does it tomorrow, then Mike's wish of an April 1st release will be met, sort of.

: My referer logs show that Kris has, in fact, posted my Degeneracy announcement. Thanks a lot, Kris!

This is pathetic. I can't say "thanks a lot" without it looking sarcastic. I'm not being sarcastic, obviously.

: The Browser Greetings program is now on hiatus. There are too many browsers these days and all of them claim to be Mozilla and hide their true identity in fine print, regular expression-wise; to give them the full Browser Greetings experience will require a rearchitecture. Also, my Linux kernel version number detection doesn't work for 2.4, and it's easier to take down the CGI than to try to understand Perl code I wrote three years ago.

: Also re Degeneracy, Kris gave me much more credit than I deserve in his last mail:

I played Degeneracy last night for a few hours and had to stop when it was late enough that I was trying hard to figure out the deeper mystery and started thinking "what if Leonard put in something so insidious, some terrifying Lovecraftian truth about entropy and religion that I won't be able to sleep once I figure it out?" (Things generally boil down to that for me.)

Unfortunately, my game is wholly lacking in terrifying Lovecraftian truths which will prevent you from sleeping and turn you into a white-haired, ghostly shell of your former self who flails furiously and helplessly at unseen enemies, eyes paralyzed with terror, uttering a single, unpronouncable word over and over again. Maybe in the next version.

: I have decided that The Lone Gunmen wants to be The Big Lebowski. I'm undecided as to whether or not this is a worthy goal.


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