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<jr> joshua: bug jon about scarab
<jr> ha ha 'bug' ha

: Also, Jason's five-step plan for business success:

  1. Get funding.
  2. Buy furniture.
  3. Go broke.
  4. Sell furniture.
  5. Cha-ching!

: The deli in Brisbane has gone all upscale. You can't get a sandwich but has some weird spread all over it. Argh. However, I have not actually eaten my sandwich yet (can't eat before yoga), so it might be good.

Yoga is simultaneously better and worse when you're feeling low, as I am today. Feeling mighty low.

: Hey hey hey. Fat Algorithm.

: I wear many hats at CollabNet, but my primary duty is that of Director of Festivities. As you can see, I take my job very seriously.

That's just one of many fabulous pictures wrenched from my camera and plunked down into /pix/2001/collab/. The DoF picture is now the /self picture, as well.

: Yesterday I filled up the last page of the big lab notebook I started shortly after starting at CollabNet. I'm now on my second such notebook, and every page in it so far contains some brilliant idea. Case in point.

: I have a volume of Polybius which I was given by my great-aunt. I have a whole lot of books I got from her that she was going to throw out. I mention this book at the expense of the others because this particular book gives every indication of being almost 250 years old.

The date on the frontspiece is 1761. It claims to be the second edition, volume 1 of 2. The translator is one Mr. Hampton, and the translation is mentioned in Boswell's Life of Johnson, and by Johnson himself in his Life of Milton (there, unfortunately, the chain ends). It has the ses that look like fs. It has a weird fold-out map the likes of which I have never seen. It is an old book.

I harbor no misconceptions about the book being valuable. It is not in good shape. The front cover has come off and the back cover appears to have suffered some smoke damage. The pages are stained and many were at one point very wet. It's worth maybe $50 at most. There's not even much point in me reading it, since it would be easier to read the same text on the laptop, which does not have the ses that look like fs. It really has nothing to recommend it other than the fact that it is older than the United States of America.

What do I do with this book? I have no use for it; its decaying binding makes it useless even for show. But I can't very well get rid of it. What do we do with the book, in general, when there are things exactly like books except for the fact that one of them contains everything ever written?

I don't know how to end this entry, so I'll use the "I don't know how to end this entry" cop-out.

: Behold the robotfindskitten link in NTK!

: Previously avaliable only in an expensive human skin edition, the Necronomicon has now been published in paperback!

: The Knapsack Problem has been released. As I suspected it would, it finished dead last in LOTECHCOMP. I hope you enjoy it anyway. Get Release 2 from my page; it plays (almost) exactly the same, but the code is much nicer, and I'll feel better about you playing it.

: Segfault: Open Source Advocate Has Yet To Rebut Craig Mundie

: I've long felt that Mickey Kaus, political pundit and Slate columnist, should have his own fan club. It would be called the Mickey Kaus Club.

: The McSweenifier has been mentioned in FoE! Log, apparantly the canonical source for all your Dave Eggers-related gossip. Why is my age worth mentioning in a link to the McSweenifier? I don't know.

: Stupid banner ad question: "Is your domain name taken?" That's like asking "Is this seat taken?" when there's someone in the seat! They meant to ask "Is your domain name that you haven't registered taken?", but until you register, it's not yours. There is no natural right to domain names.

: Speaking in a purely general sense, nothing livens up one's day like a picture of Campbell Chiang impersonating a giant, anthropomorphic pineapple.

: In the interests of full disclosure, I should indicate that, due to a youthful indescretion, I also have a giant anthropomorphic pineapple picture.

: This code isn't slow, it's "differently optimized"!

: This weekend I had the good fortune to be introduced to the [music of the] Canadian band Moxy Früvous. Sumana said "Moxy Früvous is to They Might Be Giants as They Might Be Giants is to the mainstream," and she is correct. The only band that makes you ask the question: "are they slyly hiding references to Jerry Bruckheimer movies in their songs, or is it coincidence?"

: I'd thought it was easy to get back up to speed after a long weekend, but my calculations neglected to take into account a long weekend during which I had a whole lot of fun, such as this previous weekend. I'm back on track now, though, I think.

: One of the best things about using Torque to generate your object model is that when you do a make, it prints out enthusiastic status messages:

[echo] +------------------------------------------+
[echo] |                                          |
[echo] | Generating Peer-based Object Model for   |
[echo] | YOUR Turbine project! Woo hoo!           |
[echo] |                                          |
[echo] +------------------------------------------+

: I have two really good ideas for the 2001 Interactive Fiction competition, but both of them require a lot of planning and programming work, so I probably wouldn't get either done in time. Hm.

: Yesterday I picked up some A&E dramatizations of P.G. Wodehouse stories. Not only are they quite enjoyable, but Jeeves and Wooster are played by Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie, who played Lords Snot and Monty in the Young Ones episode Bambi.

: robotfindskitten: the Web version!

: Everyone knows that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery; but what is the least sincere form of flattery? This question is probably not as interesting as the other one.

: Also, everyone knows about cold fusion, but we neglect an even more promising energy source: kung fusion!

: There is a series of television and billboard ads featuring a large, bipedal crocodile who, in a political-cartoon turn of events, is clearly labelled "BIG TOBACCO". The ads would have you believe that this metaphorical crocodile is evil. But he doesn't look evil. He looks cute. He looks like Pogo's friend Albert. My suggestion: perhaps a Claymation alligator would look more evil than a pencil-drawing one. Or papier-maché.

: Read! Kris' amazing account of ELO bliss!

: Does anyone know of any P.G. Wodehouse fan fiction? And by "fan fiction" I mean "non-sexual fan fiction".

That reminds me: big Leonardonics update coming as soon as I write up all the entries.

: Life imitates Segfault.

: New song, two years in the writing: Shoes Don't Fit Blues. It's a doozy. Title may change.

: There's nothing quite as jolting as reading a news article and suddenly seeing your name.

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