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Segfault update: Not much to update. I'm calling and emailing people (person) at VA trying to get a status report, but nothing yet. I'm hoping I can at least get the Segfault and Crummy data so as to be able to host such sites on my own nickel (a much bigger nickel now than it was when Scott and I started Segfault). It would really suck if I lost 2.5 years of Segfault stories and three years of my weblog (I know, I should have been keeping backups and not trusting VA to keep backups for me). I'm sure it will work out eventually. Unrelatedly: last night I dreamed that instead of purchasing one car after graduation from college, I had purchased five. As Jeeves would say, the mind boggles. Why the hell would I do that? One of the cars was apparantly really nice and it was the one I drove all the time, which brings up the question: why didn't I just buy that one? I demand that my dreams make more sense!

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