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<SteveZ> While fiddling with a new recipe for a sigularity (using
         an infinite quanitiy of Hormel Chili, some chopped up spam
         and an infinitely large pinch of Mrs Grass's No-Salt
         Seasoning Mix this time) 
<SteveZ> I put it into the (infinitely large) press, Squeezed it
         infinitely small and it warp time and space so badly that
         there is now an infinitely deep, funnel shaped hole in my
         bath tub and it won't hold water any more.
<SteveZ> That sux because I really enjoy long hot baths.
<SteveZ> I tried stuffing towels into the hole to close it off but
         they just got sucked down towards the singularity :(
<SteveZ> The only upside I can see is that I no longer have to
         worry about the 1-35-gallon-container limitation on our
         garbage pickup service

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